Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Trench Art of World War 1

September 2009

As a collector of Trench Art from the Great War period, and with its increasing popularity as a collecting hobby as we approach the Centenary of World War 1 in 2014, my dedicated website can be viewed at : www.trenchartofww1.co.uk

Please let me know how you liked or disliked the site.

Thank you.

Steven Booth



Anonymous Hardy said...

Hi, I'm Hardy and I also have a passion for collecting trench art. I started a site recently to promote trench art and share my passion with fellow collectors. There is not a great abundance of trench art available in Australia so it's a slow process. I mainly collect smaller items, anyway, enough of me.

I would like to say I am blown away by your website and it's the best site I have come across. I enjoyed your in depth article on the Christmas tin and your 120 picture slide-show. I will definitely put this site on my 'links' page. Once again, awesome site!

My website is http://trenchardy.weebly.com

(It has limitations because it's free)

I also have a YouTube site which is called trenchardy.

4:19 PM  
Blogger Steven Booth said...

Thank you for your comments, and I shall visit your site, and link it to mine. All best, Steven

5:29 AM  

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